DIY Lipstick Wall Decor | DIY Part 2

Hello! I’m so excited about these diy projects! Today I’m sharing part 2! This is another Pinterest inspired DIY.


DIY Lipstick Wall Decor

Items needed:

Picture Frame: I used a black 4×6 picture frame that I already had. Of course, you can use whatever size frame and whatever color. I just figured since I’m doing these diy projects to save money, I would use one I already had.

Paper: I just used white printer paper, but you can use whatever paper you want!

Lipstick: I used a bunch of different colors and finishes. I used lipgloss, liquid lipstick, matte and satin finishes. The gloss didn’t really show up that much, so I would stick to lipstick. I used about 12 different ones.


Step 1: Pick out the lipsticks you want to use.

Step 2: I drew a box on the white printer paper with pencil so I could see how much space I had to use. I felt like it would be easier to keep it on the big paper so I had more room to hold the paper.

Step 3: Kiss away!

Step 4: Cut out your box (if you choose to keep it on the whole paper).

Step 5: Put in the frame!

I love how it turned out! I can’t wait to show my other DIY projects!

Do you think you’ll try it? Show me if you do!

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