DIY Marble Jar | DIY Part 1

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So, I recently moved and instead of buying decor for my makeup/vanity area of my room, I wanted to create some DIY decor. Let me just say this…I love arts & crafts! I really enjoyed making these Pinterest inspired crafts! I have four different items I DIY’ed (is that even a word?!), which would make this post be super long because I took so many photos and I wanted to give step by step instructions. So, I decided to make this into a 4 part DIY series! It may even become a monthly post series if I end up finding enough things to DIY every month (which could very possibly happen)!

Today’s post is inspired by white marble. It seems to be so popular right now. A lot of bloggers, including me, use it for backgrounds. It is just so clean and pretty! I was at Target recently and they have white marble office decor, like a stapler and sticky notes! They even have white marble kitchen items, such as a rolling pin and a cake stand! I was browsing through Pinterest (as I do daily) and saw this white marble jar.

via Pinterest

After seeing that picture, I googled to see if I could find one and how much they were. I found one that was around $30 and instantly thought “no”. Then, I remembered I had some marble contact paper leftover, so I decided to use that. I also remembered I had an empty Bath & Body Works candle jar.

DIY Marble Jar

Items needed:

Empty Jar: You can use an empty candle jar. I also have pictured a jar that I got at the dollar store. However, it has a little lip at the top which I felt would be difficult to get a nice, smooth look with the contact paper. But, use whatever you have!

jar from Dollar Tree

Marble Contact Paper: I bought this contact paper on Amazon. This is the same contact paper that I use for my background for my blog and instagram pictures.


Step 1: If you use a candle jar, you’ll need to clean it out. I just used hot water and dish soap.

Step 2: Measure the contact paper. The back of this marble contact paper has measurements, which made it super easy to cut.

Step 3: Put the contact paper on the jar! I slowly peeled one end off and laid it on the jar and then as I rolled the jar I would peel the backing. I did cut enough so that I could fold it over on both the top and bottom. The bottom didn’t turn out too great, but it’s going to sit on my vanity so you can barely see it once it’s standing up.

Step 4: Put your makeup products in it! I put all of my beauty sponges in it! They fit perfectly!

If you keep the lid, you could cover that too and then put it on top as way to keep dust out. I didn’t keep this lid because it was one of those seasonal ones that wasn’t cute. It looked like raw metal and the sides were not smooth, so it would not look nice. But if you have a smooth one, I think it would look nice!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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